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’No room at the inn... in Gelsenkirchen.’

Photo : Stefan
Sunday 2nd August 2009. Gelsenkirchen. Load in day.
Woke up on the bus with about three hours to go before arriving at Gelsenkirchen. We appeared to be in Germany, but my phone told me I’d been to Denmark at some point in the night. Some of the backline guys were beginning to surface, making coffee, breakfasty-bits and so forth, (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 1 September 2009 | Willie’s diary

Sweden on a Budget

Thursday 30th July 2009. London to Gothenburg. Load in day
Spent the morning in London editing some new video pieces. I’m just playing with some ideas, which is a bit of a luxury and the fact that I have time to do it I’m taking as a very good sign. Headed for Heathrow at 4pm to get an evening flight to Gothenburg. Met Tom, our video (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 26 August 2009 | Willie’s diary

’Something of a blur...’

25 July 2009 Friday, 3rd July 2009. Nice. Day off.
Waking up to everybody speaking French felt like some surreal role-playing joke. I kept expecting the hotel staff to burst out laughing and go ’Hola!, just kidding.’
I staggered out of the hotel in something of a blur, in search of some little cafe to hide in with the newspaper. Nice is very (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 26 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

Load-Out Like No Other

Wednesday, 1st July 2009. Barcelona. ’Day off’.
Mollie Sugden! Another one bites the dust.
A day off only slightly interrupted by having to do a video shoot, hey ho. Most people didn’t surface until mid-afternoon, then wandered back to the stadium to spend the evening shooting close ups for the forthcoming ’Crazy’ video. It felt oddly (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 23 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

Gaudi would approve

Monday, 29th June 2009. Barcelona. Production rehearsals.
After a leisurely evening, I’m knackered today. I went to bed five hours earlier than normal and of course couldn’t sleep. A full dress rehearsal was scheduled for this evening and after a month of plain sailing the melt down finally descended. Pretty much everything that could go (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 22 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

’Some extraordinary tableaux...’

Saturday, 27th June 2009. Barcelona. Production rehearsals.
We did another full run-through this evening, which has brought us very close to the set that I think we’ll play on Tuesday. It’s working well overall, with only a couple of things still proving troublesome. Drowning Man is one of these and I am beginning to wonder whether my (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 22 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

’Full On Rave in Empty Stadium’

Friday, 19th June 2009. Barcelona. Production rehearsals.
It’s an odd thought but I feel compelled to note that these production rehearsal days are starting to be quite fun. ’Fun’ isn’t the usual adjective for this process; at best it might be ’intense’, ’bloody hard work’ or occasionally in U2’s case ’living hell on earth’, but... well, I (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 14 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

See it to believe it

Monday, 15th June 2009 Barcelona. Production build.
It was a big day today. We saw completion of the video screen and witnessed properly for the first time its ability to open up. It is the most incredible piece of technological engineering in that it is an elliptical, saddle-shaped cylinder that possesses the ability to break apart, stretch (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

Checking in to the Hotel Fabulous

Thursday, 18th June 2009. Barcelona. Production rehearsals.
It was 7am by the time I got back to the Hotel Fabulous and having spent a total of under five minutes in the place when I dropped my bags off yesterday, I was essentially seeing it for the first time. I’ve stayed here before, but in the intervening time the place has been ’done up’ (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

When the real U2 show up well be in trouble

Wednesday, 17th June 2009. Barcelona.
Production rehearsals. Having arranged to move to the band’s hotel upon their arrival, I had to fit in a hotel change en route to the stadium when I got up this afternoon. The crew are staying at Mrs McGinty’s boarding house just off La Rambla, so I checked out and took a cab down to the Hotel Fabulous (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 July 2009 | Willie’s diary

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