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U2’s rehearsals in Auckland, Tuesday 23/11

Photo: The Edge
Today, more rehearsals took place at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, and this time it was by the band themselves rather than the crew. However, before detailing today’s proceedings, we have some extra information from yesterday, posted on Interference by ramblin rose. Besides the material already (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 23 November 2010 | Rest Of The World

’Love Song To The Universe in Munich’

’I can’t wait any longer for your love/ Praying the night will come quickly...’
They’ve played it live barely a handful of times and yet tonight the Olympic Stadium in Munich sang the beautiful ballad North Star back to the band. ’That would be the internet,’ surmises a surprised Bono. ’That’s an unexpected surprise - Thank you. That’s our (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 16 September 2010 | Europe

’Snow Patrol Swansong’

September 6th, 2010 - Istanbul. Show day
The new stadium in Istanbul is a good way out of the city. It was built as part of the Olympic bid eventually won by China, and the word is that pretty much all the enthusiasm for the building project was lost once the bid went south. Apparently the area around the stadium is susceptible to high (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 15 September 2010 | Europe

’Rock’n’roll touring laundry service...’

September 3rd, 2010 - Athens. Show day
I took a noon van to the venue, stepping over the hotel dogs that were still sleeping on the steps outside. It was another very hot day, but not oppressively so, even in the midday sun.
My first task was to retrieve my laundry, having taken advantage of a new system recently instigated on the 360 tour. (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 September 2010 | Europe

"Mercy" (live from Zurich)

I was drinking some wine
And it turned to blood
What’s the use of religion
If you’re only good
I know I’m weed killer, honey
And you’re sugar
If you’re the prosecution
I get away with murder
You’re gravity searching for the ground
I’m silence searching for a sound
Your heart is aching
Your heart is my home
It’s fascinating
I know (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 September 2010 | Europe

Mercy in the rain in Zurich

Second show in Zurich tonight, and the live debut for ’Mercy’ a near-mythical track with legendary status amongst hardcore U2 afficionados.
Just one reason among many why the seriously moist conditions were not going to dampen anyone’s spirits.
’First time we’ve played this live outside of soundcheck’ explained Bono in introducing Mercy, (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 September 2010 | Europe

’My Mind Was Blown...’

Gary Lightbody of the very fine Snow Patrol recorded us a brief farewell speech ahead of the show in Istanbul, the band’s 24th and final 360 show.
The band were in Barcelona for the opening night of the tour and they’ve turned up more than anyone else ever since.
’From the first night my mind was blown when I saw U2 onstage under that (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 11 September 2010 | Europe

U2 To Rock Heinz Field

After months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, sources say U2 has decided to end their two-year world tour "360" in Pittsburgh. (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 10 September 2010 | American leg

No One Gets Out Of Here Alive...

’Your eyes make a circle...’
For only the second time on U2360° I Will Follow was back in the set when the band played Athens.
Here’s what it was like if you were in the audience. Can you spot yourself ?
/center (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 8 September 2010 | Europe

’Uniforms Everywhere...’

August 25th, 2010 - Moscow. Show day
The Moscow work experience is underscored by a general principle that anything you need to get done will probably take at least twice as long as usual and will be fraught with entirely pointless obstacles. This made for a long day but ultimately we got a great result so I suppose it was all worth it. (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 8 September 2010 | Europe

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