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U2 Interview: Oscar Hopes, That Unfinished Album, Anxiety About Staying Relevant

The world’s biggest band tackles politics, technology and now, with an Oscar-nominated song, Hollywood: "We don’t want to ever be a heritage act. It might happen, but we’ll go kicking and screaming into that mode." (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 13 February 2014 | Academy Awards

High winds lift the roof off U2’s recording studio

The damaged roof of U2’s recording studio in Grand canal Quay in Dublin. Photo: Damien Eagers
Their new single has just stormed the charts but U2 were concerned with a storm of a different kind tonight.
As high tides, heavy rain and high winds cause havoc throughout the country, high winds lifted the roof off the band’s famous (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 7 February 2014 | Industrie

Bono chats with Zane

Corinne/Dead | 4 February 2014 | What’s next

Invisible - Free For (RED)

Photo: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images North America
The band have given a new track, ’Invisible’, to (RED) for a free download on iTunes next week - for 24 hours only.
The song, produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Tom Elmhirst, launches a partnership with (RED) and Bank of America to fight AIDS.
Every time the track is downloaded, anywhere (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 24 January 2014 | Product (RED)

’Going Somewhere’

The fortnightly music and politics magazine Hot Press was launched in Dublin in 1977, just in time to cover early Irish gigs by The Clash, The Stranglers, The Ramones and The Jam. And just in time – as it happens – to keep a keen eye on U2 from their very first live chords, as members of Feedback.
Niall Stokes has been editor from day one – and (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 22 January 2014 | Industrie

Billboard’s 2014 Industry Icon: Paul McGuinness on 35 Years Guiding ’The Biggest Band in the World’ (Q&A)

By Ray Waddell
Few managers are so closely associated with one act as Paul McGuinness has been with U2, a group he took from a fledgling band of dubious musicianship playing Dublin bars to where it is widely considered the biggest group in the world.
News broke late last year that McGuinness would step back from day-to-day duties for U2 after (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 18 January 2014 | Industrie


There was excitement – then much head scratching last night among the U2 community when Dave Fanning announced on his 2fm show “I’m going to give you something now, a brand new, first time play which is from U2. This song here, will it be on the album? Just a blast! Brand new, ‘Invisible.’” (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 18 January 2014 | Invisible


By Matt McGee
U2 has spent much of this week in Santa Monica shooting video footage that will be used in a Super Bowl commercial and feature a new song from U2’s upcoming album. We also think it’s likely that the footage will be used in a longer feature online — possibly at U2.com.
After reporting earlier today that several people had (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 12 January 2014 | What’s next

U2 Plays Surprise Gig for Sean Penn’s A List Haiti Relief Dinner

by Roger Friedman
What a night! While Oscar parties were humming all over town, Sean Penn threw his third annual Help Haiti Home dinner — for his very successful J/P Haiti Relief Organization- at the Montage Hotel for many members of the Hollywood elite. And the big surprise, kept well under wraps: U2 playing its first gig in two years on the (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 12 January 2014 | Caritatif

U2’s best years still to come, insists Bono

BONO has insisted that U2’s best years are yet to come. (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 7 January 2014 | What’s next

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