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New U2 book

It will feature extensive snaps of the Dublin band (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 7 September 2012 | U2360

Give your opinion on U2 albums on U2France

Image by Clad63 - available in high-definition on his Facebook page
Posted by Pauline and translated by Florian
Do you have an opinion on U2 albums? Have a voice :-)
Our ’Ressources’ section gives access to an area called Album reviews in which each and every fan can share his opinion on one or more U2 albums. It’s an opportunity to tell (...) (lire la suite)

Florian | 4 September 2012 | Zoonation

Fancy a nice U2 book?

That’s what Peter Neill is asking you.
This professional photographer whose specialty is music photography has a portfolio which includes Billboard magazine, Coldplay and U2. During U2’s 360° Tour he captured with his camera Sheffield’s concerts in 2009 and Paris’ ones in 2010 ; you can take a look at the result on his Facebook page.
Now Peter (...) (lire la suite)

Florian | 3 September 2012 | Industrie

Summer 2012’s summary

You want to keep up with U2 news but you don’t have time to? No problem: U2France offers you a summary of last month’s news regarding U2 as well as a memo pad of its forthcoming events and a review of the progress - or not - of its album and tour plans. (lire la suite)

Florian | 3 September 2012 | Zoonation

The 30 Richest Drummers in the World

By Brian
Who are the richest drummers in the world? Most people steer their kids away from learning the drums in favor of less noisy instruments. You may want to reconsider that decision after you find out how rich these thirty musicians became from banging on a drum. As you’re about to see, if you want to make a ton of money drumming it (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 29 August 2012 | Industrie

Music Monday Really Randoms: U2, Nick Moss, The Baseball Project, Ben Folds 5

by Josh Hathaway
I don’t have a lot of trouble deciding what to listen to most days. I constantly have a song or song fragment in my head and I’m usually behind on music reviews, so I often have a starting place when my day begins and I follow it all to its logical conclusion.
It’s not like that every day and that’s when Encyclopedia (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 28 August 2012 | Zoonation

Unforgettable Single

Over on our Discography page you’ll find dozens and dozens of singles the band have released over the years.
Starting with U23 way back in 1979 - Out of Control, Stories for Boys, Boy-Girl - the trail leads all the way to ’I’ll Go Crazy’, third single from No Line On The Horizon, in 2009.
Maybe you’d forgotten Lemon was a single. Or you’ve (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 19 August 2012 | Single

U22: the live album of the 360° Tour

After a seven-month wait - and more - the U22 album finally reached the mailboxes of paying subscribers to U2.com. This live album of the 360° Tour includes 24 songs on 22 tracks which were chosen by fans. Is the album up to what was expected in order to live again the 360° tour?… Verdict (lire la suite)

Florian | 14 August 2012 | Zoonation

Possible rumors on a possible U2 comeback at short notice

Author : Pauline Translated by Florian
Do you see this article’s title as a sarcastic remark ? That’s not my style, is it ? ;-)
A few hours ago, the Italian website U2place published an article stating that one of their members had accessed the application U2 filled in order to get a new logo. In this very article our colleagues explain that (...) (lire la suite)

Florian | 2 August 2012 | Zoonation


Sonia Recchia, Getty Images
by Chad Childers
Pretty much since the early part of promotion for the ‘No Line on the Horizon’ album, U2 has hinted that there’s a wealth of material that could result in multiple projects, but so far there’s been no mention of an actual release date.
However, the band’s U.K. label Mercury Records let it slip that the (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 15 July 2012 | What’s next

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