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New limited-edition U2 t-shirt launched to mark human rights day

Hard Rock project will benefit Amnesty’s human rights work (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 11 December 2012 | EDUN Live

U2 x 5 Hidden Things

Continuing with our occasional blog called U2 x 5, whereby we take 5 related pieces we’ve designed or been involved with for the band and comment on them, we thought we’d share some things we’ve done for U2 that through design or accident aren’t at first or even second look easily seen. Mostly these elements were obscure or hidden, sometimes (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 8 December 2012 | Industrie

Dr. Dre, U2 and Elton John Lead Forbes’ List of 2012 Highest Paid Musicians

This year’s list is made up of an international ensemble and shows that most musicians still make a big part of their earnings from touring. (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 30 November 2012 | Industrie

U2’s Bono cited as graffiti artist

by Johnny Miller
U2 singer Bono spray-paints the Vaillancourt Fountain, gets cited. Photo: Fred Larson, The Chronicle / SF 1987
Nov. 17: Irish rock star Bono Hewson could wind up scrubbing Muni buses or paying a $500 fine for spray painting graffiti on a public sculpture. Hewson, the lead singer of U2, is the 346th person cited so far (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 12 November 2012 | Industrie

From the ground up

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS & MUSIC From The Ground Up: U2.com Music Edition brings you the inside track on U2360° - the stories, the photos, the music. Presented in a bespoke, wrap-around sleeve, the large-format hardback book opens to reveal FOUR exclusive lithographs of the band, some very cool bookmarks and Edge’s Picks - a limited-edition, 15-track (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 11 November 2012 | Divers

U2 talk down ‘mediocre’ new album

Irish rockers U2 have been unusually candid in a round of interviews given on the eve of the release of their latest album, There’s Worse Ways To Kill 50 Minutes. Tired of thinking up increasingly extravagant hyperbole to make what is essentially the same as their last three albums seem like the Second Coming, the band have decided to be more (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 27 October 2012 | What’s next

Peter Rowen in the eye of U2France

Peter Rowen is the child, now a man of 37 years, who’s featured on the cover albums Boy, War, the best of 1980-1990, and Three. He is also the younger brother of Guggi, a childhood friend of Bono, but above all he’s a photographer and a U2 fan who has answered our questions. (lire la suite)

Florian, Pauline | 14 October 2012 | Industrie

It’s U2’s birthday

U2 turned 36 yesterday…that’s older than Jesus! (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 26 September 2012 | Industrie

How The Edge Created a Classic Guitar Sound

by Daniel Eriksson
Not many people can boast about being in the same band for thirty-five years, with the same three guys you met in school. But that is the case for Dave Evans, or The Edge as he is more commonly known. The U2 guitarist started playing with Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., and Adam Clayton while at the Mount Temple Comprehensive (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 24 September 2012 | Industrie

Watch your sunglasses Bono - Dublin Museum seeks rare U2 items for new exhibit

(Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images Europe)
By Ken Sweeney
A NEW museum is seeking U2 memorabilia relating to the band’s history for a permanent exhibition in Dublin.
Rare photographs, posters, set-lists, and T-shirts are among items sought by the Little Museum of Dublin on Stephen’s Green.
Read (...) (lire la suite)

Corinne/Dead | 19 September 2012 | Divers

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