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46664 : 12 Years After Freddie Mercury’s AIDS-related Death South Africa Gears Up for AIDS Awareness Mandela Concert

lundi 24 novembre 2003 / par Dom

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46664 - The Concert in association with MTV’s Staying Alive

November 29, Greenpoint Stadium Concert, Cape Town

Expected to be most widely distributed media event in history
With audience of over 2 billion in 166 countries

In the week that exactly twelve years ago saw the world mourn the loss of singer Freddie Mercury, who passed away November 24 at his London home from Aids related causes, some of the world’s biggest music artists are arriving in South Africa for what is shaping into the biggest ever Aids awareness concert.

46664 -The Concert in association with MTV’s Staying Alive, takes place Saturday 29th November at Cape Town’s Greenpoint Stadium, and boasts a line-up of many of the most influential music artists of today.

Already arrived in Cape Town are Queen band members Roger Taylor and Brian May, and Dave Stewart, who, apart from appearing in the concert, have been instrumental in working with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to make the concert happen. All proceeds from the event and the surrounding 46664 website (www.46664.com) and telephone network fundraising will go to support the work of the Foundation in Southern Africa.

Stewart’s former music partner Annie Lennox is among the next to arrive in Cape Town. The two will reunite as the Eurythmics as part of the concert. Joining them and May and Taylor in the coming days will be Anastacia,

Beyonce, Bono, The Corrs, Peter Gabriel, Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) - making his first real concert appearance in over 25 years, Ms. Dynamite, Youssou N’Dor, and Zucchero.

The 3-hour concert, which will also feature a host of South Africa’s best known artists, will be performed to a stadium audience of 40,000 but is expected to be reach a potential worldwide radio and television audience of more than 2 billion people in 166 countries, making it most widely distributed media event in history.

Arriving in South Africa Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian promised some unique collaborations as part of Saturday’s concert. "Anastacia has said she would like to do a set with us as a tribute to Freddie," said May.

Peter Gabriel and Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) have been rehearsing a special version of Islam’s classic track "Wild World", while other highly anticipated moments include some special collaborations involving Bono and other of the announced artists.

Taylor said he hoped the concert would make people around the world more aware of the reality of the problem of HIV/AIDS. "It’s not just a problem confined to China or South Africa - it is a world problem and we need to get in there and do something."

46664 - The Concert in association with MTV’s Staying Alive is the public celebration of the 46664 ’Give One minute of your life to Stop AIDS’ campaign launched by Nelson Mandela in London in October, at which time he said : "46664 was my prison number for 18 years when I was a prisoner on Robben Island. I was known as just a number. Millions of people today infected today are just that, a number."

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