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Adam Clayton in Conversation with Neil Storey

Friday 20 August 2010, by Corinne/Dead pour U2 France

Source : U2 Magazine, No. 12, October 01, 1984

Neil Storey: The album — how difficult has it been?

Adam: Well, the album has been no more difficult than any other album to make — it’s taken slightly longer this time. It’s obviously not the right time for post-mortems at this point, as we haven’t even finished yet, but certainly a lot of the reason why the album has taken slightly longer is the nature in which we did it. We started with a new producer for our fourth studio album, so it was a big change.

What were the reasons for choosing Eno as opposed to any of the other people that were mentioned at one point — the Jimmy Iovines of this world and people like that?

Adam: I think they were all good ideas at the time, and we considered them, but it came closer and closer to making a decision and none of them felt spot-on. I think the band basically has a very personal attitude to the way it works, and people around us who are close are important, and I think if we’d gone for somebody American it would have been very alien to our world and way of working. And there wasn’t really anybody English who was available or right, that we felt 100% right about, until Brian came along.

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