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And the winners are...

Friday 9 March 2012, by Pauline pour U2 France

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’The original painting is from 1991. I was 12 years old, just left behind my safe but also restricted childhood in East Germany, facing future with the new ’west’. I felt like drowning from all the new impulses in that time. The painting had stayed in the cellar until today, colours faded but the theme is more present than ever... ’

The painting is called ’without’ and the artist is Jana Beier and she’s won her very own Trabant in the competition to celebrate the 20th anniversary edition of Achtung Baby. The band’s longtime visual masterminds - designer Shaughn McGrath and photographer Anton Corbijn - invited artists to submit photographs or artwork which would feature on the Achtung Baby sleeve, if it was released today.

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