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’At home it’s still yesterday...’

Tuesday 23 November 2010, by Corinne/Dead pour U2 France


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Travel day. London to Auckland (day 2)

Leg one of the journey completed and I headed for the B.A. lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport. It’s only an hour’s stop-over but I took advantage of the free wifi, as there are some new renders of show video I needed to look at. I also ran into Darren Hayes on iChat which was a nice surprise. Skype & iChat make the world a much smaller place.

LHR-SIN was fine, I ate, I slept, I read (The Elegance of the Hedgehog – promising, but I’m not sure it’s in-flight friendly), I movied (The Kids are All Right which was…all right, and Shrek, Forever After which was hilarious. The writing is so good. When Eddie Murphy called the Gingerbread Man “Hey, cracker”, I snorted so loudly I woke up the bloke in the next seat.)

Met the lads back at Gate 26. Next call is Sydney for a longer stop, I think. Steff gets a monumentally long layover, though we don’t know why. Craig points out that it’s already tomorrow in New Zealand, so therefore we are in the final day of this journey. I phoned home, where it’s still yesterday. What time is it in the world?

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