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BBC : Robbie, George Michael & Bono confirmed for NET-AID

jeudi 12 août 1999

Source : BBC

From BBC :

Robbie, George Michael & Bono confirmed for NET-AID

The line-up for the biggest benefit gig since Live Aid’s was announced onThursday morning. Robbie Williams, George Michael, Bono and The Corrs arejust a few of the names playing NET-AID, which aims to raise awarenessabout the on-going post war problems in Kosovo, with an emphasis on thegrowing poverty crisis. There’ll be three concerts - at Wembley Stadium, GiantsStadium in New York and a smaller gig in Geneva. All three will be broadcastlive on the Internet, with the Wembley show being televised by the BBC.

The man in charge - legendary promotor, Harvey Goldsmith, who also did LiveAid, -told Radio 1 it’s a chance to solve the problems in Kosovo : "It’s an easyway of solving a problem. It’s an opportunity to give some money, but also togive some brain and some brawn to help, and if you can do that and have somefun with it and have a result out of it then it’s something to be proud of, andhopefully we’ll all be proud of this effort".

Wyclef teams up with Bono for NET-AID

And there’ll be a few interesting collaborations, according to Harvey : "There area lot of discussions going on between various artists, who may or may not wantto sing with each other, who’ve come up with some ideas", he says. "WyclefJean and Bono have been working and have written a song, which we believe isbe released as a single. From what I’ve heard of it it’s pretty incredible". Harveysays we’ll be hearing a lot more about that track soon when it’s edited. "Thatwas one collaboration that’s already started - other artists are talking to eachother about what they can do together".

The main focus of the event is the role of the internet - there’ll be a number ofinformation sites which people can browse watching the gig at the same time."Seven people join the Internet every second, so every three months a populationthe size of the United Kingdom joins the Internet. So if you could get just a dollaroff every one of those people - $55 million in three months", says ChrisDeddicote, who works for CISCO, who’ve set up the NET-AID site : "It’s notjust about the money raised from the actual event itself, the NET-AID concerts,its really a continuum that will go on indefinitely".

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