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Belfast News Letter : McGuinness to be Spice Girls’ manager ?

vendredi 14 novembre 1997

Source : Belfast News Letter

From The Belfast News Letter :


Ian Starrett

Remember you read it here first ! A pop supremo with close Londonderry links could be the new manager of the Spice Girls.

The feisty five sensationally ditched their Svengali-like manager Simon Fuller, who it’s estimated hasmasterminded making them around pounds 5 million each, in a Girl Power coup reported to be inspired byGinger Spice Geri Helliwell.

I have been reliably informed that Paul McGuinness could be the new Spice Girls manager.

Paul is married to a lovely girl (who I remember from my distant college days) who hails from the banks ofthe River Foyle - the Eglinton region, to be precise. He is a familiar and well liked figure around these parts which he regularly visits with the rest of his family. Paul is manager of Dublin supergroup U2 and only thisweek he was commended by the authorities in Belfast for bringing Bono and the boys to the city for aconcert which is credited with helping defuse Ulster’s powderkeg marching season tensions.

Paul’s chances of controlling (as much as any man could hope to !) Scary, Baby, Sporty, Ginger and PoshSpice are rated sky high.

One local showbiz insider said : "Managing the girls is a much bigger job than managing the average popgroup.

"They are a major industry and there are only a few managers in the pop business capable of controllingsomething of that magnitude and making a real success of it. Paul is just the man.

"He has proved it magnificently with U2 and he could do the business for another supergroup. With Bono talking about cutting down on touring, Paul might now be willing to take the Spice Girls on board as well."

"There’s no better man," as they say in Derry.

Sceptics have predicted the Spice Girls break-up because of the managerial split and a marked slump, by their standards, of sales of their latest recordings, but I feel you can take those end-of-the-road stories with a pinch of spicy salt.

When the celebrity-crowded Spice Girls movie hits silver screens over Christmas, Emma, Victoria, Mel B,Mel C and Geri will be well back on top.

And by that time, Paul McGuinness could be sharing their spotlight as the new man behind Girl Power.

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