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Creative Review on Anton Corbijn and U2 - Linear

Friday 17 April 2009, by Corinne/Dead pour U2 France

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I came across a post on the Creative Review Magazine’s CR Blog entitled U2 Linear: it’s not a music video. And indeed it is not. It is a short movie commissioned by the band and directed by Anton Corbijn.

This is a great idea. I have an aversion to the music of U2, although I have been a fan in the past, but I enjoy Corbijn’s work immensely. In the No Line On The Horizon edition of U2’s latest album you will find the movie Linear and here’s the interesting part - “It is not an extended music video or a U2 documentary, it’s a new way to listen to a record - a new way to use film to connect to music,” claims Corbijn.

Anton Corbijn U2 Linear NemoHQ

Click on image to see an excerpt from Linear


Corbijn is right when he says it is a new way to listen to an album. His idea fits neatly alongside my idea of The Music Album as The End of The Organizing Principle. I argue that musical artists are free these days to explore the delivery of music well beyond the boundaries of the CD and its artificial restrictions. It is nice to find myself playing in the same sandbox as U2 and Anton Corbijn.


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