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Daily Mirror : U, 2, Could Be As Sexy as My Pava !

mardi 16 avril 1996

Source : Daily Mirror

From The Daily Mirror :


By Mark Dowdney, Foreign Editor

CHUBBY tenor Luciano Pavarotti’s new girlfriend HATES opera - and says her idol is singer Bono.

Nicoletta Mantovani admitted yesterday : "I prefer rock. My hero is Bono of U2. But opera bores meto death." The 26-year-old beauty was talking for the first time about life with 20-stone Pavarotti.

She said : "For me Luciano is not an idol. But I was magnetised by his charm. Our love was cemented because of my ignorance about opera.

"He was surrounded all the time by business and I could only talk about other things. I think that iswhat attracted him to me. I was innocent."

She denied that she looks upon the 60-year-old opera superstar as a father figure. "I have the best father in the world. Luciano is my lover."

The couple fell for each other after she worked at the annual horse show held by Pavarotti at his home in Modena in 1992. Their relationship got off to a bad start. "I always said hello but he never replied.

"I thought he was a bombastic, presumptuous, insupportable person. But then I discovered he is hardof hearing.

"When we first met I was overwhelmed and sweated like a horse in panic. Then he laughed and the ice was broken.

"To overcome my panic I asked him about horses and he didn’t stop talking about them for half anhour." Pavarotti, who has three daughters older than Nicoletta, is living with her in a flat in New York.A divorce from his wife Adua is likely to cost him half his fortune, estimated at pounds 40million.

Adua is so bitter about the bust-up she cannot bring herself to mention her rival’s name.

But Nicoletta does not feel guilty. "I have nothing to reproach myself for. When one love story begins it is because another is over."

And speaking about the rumours about their affair, she said : "The past year has been hell. But eversince we told the truth, I’m happy."

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