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Irish Times : Part 2 - This ain’t no rock n roll

samedi 21 octobre 1995

Source : Irish Times

But U2 haven’t completely left America behind, and Elvis Ate America is Bono’s own ode to the late Presley, with helpfrom Mo’Wax maestro Howie B on mixing, treatments and scratching. However, apart from Miss Sarajevo and Your BlueRoom, most of the tracks on this album are exactly what they say they are : short, atmospheric pieces which are destinedto be used as accompaniments to visual media, i.e. films.

U2 fans buying this album looking for a follow up to Zooropa may be disappointed. Eno heads, on the other hand, mayfind some cerebral stimulation from comparing Original Soundtracks 1 with Eno’s own Music For Films, released twodecades ago.

With almost 40 hours of music being recorded for the Passengers sessions, is there enough left over for OriginalSoundtracks 2 ?

Edge : "Yeah, I think there is. I think that a lot of our songs start out as pieces of music that conjure up some location orfeeling, and then we take those rough ideas and we start developing songs that contain that feeling or conjure up that place.I think that there are a few of the pieces from that record that will end up being U2 songs at some point and some that willmaybe be used in films or, in other projects. There’s a couple of other soundtrack offers which have come in since wefinished the record which we might well try and finish. So I think you’re going to see bits and pieces of this work comingto the surface over the next few years."

And what about U2’s own music will this project have an influence on the way U2 make records in the future ?

"I would say yes, but probably not in the way you’d imagine. I would say it would affect our next record to the extentthat we’ve kind of got this idea out of our system. It’s like we’ve now done this, we’ve taken abstract sonics as far as wecare to take them, and now we’re kind of really high in the idea of straightforward, you know, the primary colours ofrock ’n’ roll, and the basic elements that make up a great song."

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