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Kanye, Bono & Swizz Beatz Team Up for New Song

Saturday 8 December 2012, by Corinne/Dead pour U2 France

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It’s only a low-quality clip, but the fact it exists is just great

by Zach Dionne

Remember when Kanye West griped at his buddy Jay-Z for stealing the idea of doing a song with Coldplay’s Chris Martin? PAYBACK TIME, HOVA: Kanye lifted your idea of being friends with U2 frontman and sunglasses magnate Bono!

And you also remember when producer/rapper/Alicia Keys-husband Swizz Beatz started talking up this collaboration as a joint for his solo album, right? More than a year ago? Nah, us neither. But it’s called "Skyscrapers," it’s coming on Beatz’s sophomore solo album Haute Living, and we know all this thanks to a muddy new laptop-recorded video clip. "Shout to Bono!" Swizz says at the start. (He really digs the beat on this one.) Check out the grainy video and hold your breath along with us till the actual song surfaces. (Please don’t make us hold our breath longer than 48 hours, Mr. Beatz. Not healthy.)


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