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OhYeah.net : Brian Eno predicts joy

mercredi 18 novembre 1998

Source : OhYeah.net

From OhYeah.net :

Brian Eno has predicted that "joy" will be the overriding theme of the next U2 album. The producer, who has been involved on best-selling U2 albums such as ’The Joshua Tree’ and ’Achtung Baby’, has begun working on the new project in Dublin with the band and his sometime partner Daniel Lanois.

His remarks came to light during a talk in Belfast on Wednesday, November 18, as part of the Belfast Festival at Queens’s University. Eno was accepting written questions from the floor. One of these wanted to know if U2 had any ideas or themes for the new album.

"It’s too early in that project to say what new ideas are coming up." he said. "The only thing that is appearing as a theme, as an idea, is an attempt to do the most difficult thing in music, which is to create joy. That is extremely hard.

"It’s actually dead easy to make melancholy. It’s easy to make energy, its easy to make cleverness, it’s easy to make intrigue, it’s easy to make glamour. But it’s very very hard to make joy. To make music that really grips you and lifts you in some way. That’s hard. So that’s what we’re trying to do in some way."

This view is in line with a recent statement from The Edge, who told NME that "this is going to be an optimistic record".

Eno stated that the band’s last studio album, ’Pop’ was "overwrought" and too dependent of the superficial aspects of technology. This idea was also suggested byThe Edge, who recently explained to NME the difference between the new regeime and the ’Pop’ sound, which was created in association with producer Flood and DJ Howie B.

""If there’s any difference between our attitude going into ’Pop’ and our attitude going into the new one, it’s probably how we want to make this one more band-centred. And if we’re gonna use technology, we’ll use it as an ajunct to the band’s feel and the band’s sound."

Brian Eno also said that his most memorable moment with U2 was during the band’s visit to Sarajevo, during the Popmart tour in 1997. "It was probably the most moving show I’d ever been to. It was absolutely heart-breaking."

He remembered how U2 had dedicated a song to the UK soldiers, who had been very demoralised at this point. "The whole audience applauded the peace keeping force," he remembered. "These troops were in tears. The crowd just applauded on and on.... it’s a stupid thing that pop music lets people take their defences down."

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