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Red Rocks fetes U2 concert film

Thursday 21 June 2007, by Corinne/Dead pour U2 France


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Special to the Rocky © 1983 - Fans brave the weather at U2’s June 5, 1983, Under A Blood Red Sky show at Red Rocks.

Penny Parker

So you had a chance to see U2 at the legendary Under a Blood Red Sky concert at Red Rocks in ’83 but blew it? Here’s your chance for a do-over: the Aug. 21 Film on the Rocks will bring the concert alive once again. "We’re going to re-create the entire concert as it was done 24 years ago," said Erik Dyce, Red Rocks marketing man.

There’ll be the flaming towers on either side of the stage (brought in special for the ’83 filming), and the U2 tribute band Under a Blood Red Sky re-creating the concert note-for-note. And, Dyce hopes, there’ll be a bit of the rain and fog that made the original concert film so eerie.

There’s a reason it’s happening now: 2008 is the 25th anniversary of the show that put U2 and Red Rocks on the map. City officials hope that a petition drive will bring Bono and the boys back.

"We’ll start a petition to beg the band, ’Please, you must come back for your 25th,’ " Dyce said.

The city, however, tried to get the band to do 15th and 20th returns to the Rocks with no luck.

Regardless, the tribute concert will go on, and one lucky fan is going to get the chance of a lifetime to sing a U2 song at the Rocks. An upcoming promotion with radio and YouTube.com will have fans submit audition videos, with the winner joining Under a Blood Red Sky for a song.

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