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Sony : Director Wim Wenders Produces

vendredi 19 mai 2000

Source : Sony

Press release from Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe :

Director Wim Wenders Produces

Wim Wender’s latest production ’The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ features asong by U2 from the movie, The Million Dollar Hotel and was shot using aSony HDW-F900 and specially developed lenses by Panavision. Thisenabled Wenders to shoot the short digital music movie stylistically like afilm, but with all of the advantages afforded by digital 24-frame progressivehigh definition HDCAM.

Wenders is one of a few European cinematographers to produce inCineAlta using a Sony 24P camcorder. The one-day shoot for The GroundBeneath Her Feet took place in Dublin, Ireland and included only a smallsupport team from Sony and Panavision.

"I worked with people from Sony and Panavision once I received thecamera and within a remarkably short timeframe, I was shooting complexscenes quite easily with it," said Wenders. "I was amazed at the quality ofdigital images produced using Sony’s HDW-F900 and how well it intercutwith the film footage shot on 35mm."

Wim Wenders is an award-winning director, screenwriter and producerwho is most widely known as one of the top directors of the New GermanCinema genre. Wenders’ film credits include The American Friend ; Wingsof Desire ; Paris, Texas ; Until the End of the World ; Faraway, So Close andBuena Vista Social Club. Wenders has earned the Palm d’Or in 1984 forParis, Texas, Best Director in 1987 for Wings of Desire and Grand JuryPrize in 1993 for Faraway, So Close, all at Cannes Film Festival. Just lastmonth, Wenders was an Oscar nominee for Buena Vista Social Club. Hislatest movie is The Million Dollar Hotel. "The HDW-F900 camcorder’sability to emulate the ’film look’ is of vital importance to manycinematographers seeking to capitalise on the advantages of digitalacquisition but needing the look and feel of 35mm film," said Larry Thorpe,vice president of acquisition systems for Sony Electronics’ Broadcast andProfessional Company. "The excitement is growing in the industry asleading cinematographers and directors, such as Wim Wenders, avail ofthe opportunity to use the Sony 24P camcorder."

Sony’s HDW-F900 24P digital high definition camcorder combines a3-CCD HD colour digital camera, where each RGB imager has 1920 x1080 sensors with an HDCAM compact digital half-inch cassetterecorder. The camcorder is intended to complement 24-frame filmorigination, facilitating a new creative choice for program producers forboth television origination and certain types of movie making.

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