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The Tony Awards snub Spider-Man’s score

Saturday 5 May 2012, by Florian pour U2 France

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By Pauline - translated by Florian

The Tony Awards are American awards given to live Broadway performances during a show that will take place on Sunday 10th of June this year. Yesterday the Tony Awards disclosed the list of nominees for each category. Among the nominees is the musical "Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark" which score and lyrics were written by Bono and The Edge, the respectively singer and guitar player of U2.

"Spider-Man" is a bit of our version of "The Young and the Restless": an unbelievable succession of chapters with surprises and adventures that keep suspense alive for us – or not – from a chapter to another. It all started in 2005 when it came to Bono’s ears that an adaptation of Spider-Man was about to come up. The project remained just an idea until 2009 when the show began to take real shape. A real saga then began, including, among others, the “Stuntman fall”, “In search of missing money”, “The fired director”, “Another accident on stage”, “Mark Foster – the real lyricist of Rise Above”, or even “Spider-Man goes to court”.

In June 2001, the show somehow managed to get a first representation. The audience got seduced but the critics didn’t, highlighting the flaws of Broadway’s most expensive live show ever. Only the Tony Awards could have restored “Spider-Man”’s reputation. But it won’t happen : the show is only nominated in the “best scenic design of a musical” and “best costume design of a musical” categories. Neither the actors’ performances nor the score were judged worthy of a nomination.

It’s a blow for the crew of “Spider-Man” who worked hard and long on that show. So is it for Bono and The Edge who spent almost two years working on the score while they were touring with the 360° Tour and working on U2’s next album (on which they’re still working). The 22 Grammy Awards they were given for U2’s music won’t change anything: the Tony Awards didn’t consider “Spider-Man”’s soundtrack to be good enough.

Now it all rests with George Tsypin – who designed the set – and Eiko Ishioka – who made the costums. Unfortunately for “Spider-Man”, the show is not given as a favorite as their opponents each cumulate eight to ten nominations for a Tony Award.

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