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These U2 books that seduced you

Sunday 6 May 2012, by Florian pour U2 France

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Once again, U2France hands it over to U2 fans to write an article. Today we give the editor’s seat to Mathieu and François, and let them tell us about their favourite U2 related book, which rejoiced them and touched them as fans.

U2 by U2

By Mathieu Barbe - translated by Florian

«I’ve read U2 by U2 and I have to admit I’ve learned a lot of interesting, sometimes amazing facts. In that book, the four guys confide like they never did about their childhood, they way they met, and the various changes they experienced until the Vertigo Tour. This book confirmed to me I’ve made the right choice by becoming a U2 fan. Everything is discussed in the book : the evolutions between albums, the making of hits like With Or Without You, or even the way The Edge feels about rock, Adam’s incompetence when he found himself at 15 with a cloned Ibanez bass guitar without an amp to match, or how Larry’s father made him pin the ad that announced the band’s creation. But it’s particularly Bono’s childhood that hit me. It’s very surprising to learn that, he who struggles for world peace, can not remember much more than violent memories: being attacked by a skinhead from which he protected himself with a dustbin lid, or again smashing a pupil’s head against an iron railing because this pupil was bothering his friend – among other examples. The the humble, detached way with which he talks about the deaths in his family when he was 14 also hit me a lot.

I actually already was a fan of the band before that book, and now I even feel closer to them; this band is musically and (a bit) spiritually the one for me. I’m not gonna tell you about the whole book, but just say that it really allows people to get close to the band in their intimacy. I’m sure U2 fans, particularly the most curious of them, will love this book.»

Walk on: The Spiritual Journey of U2

By Françoise Hawes Lesage - translated by Florian

«This is a book that moved me because it goes beyond any other biography and document I had read so far (Bono By Bono and U2 by U2, among others). It’s more profound: we dive into the intimacy of the band and the people that are in it. It’s about the spiritual angle of U2, which they treasure - particularly Bono. A fascinating work, according to me, for any U2 fan.

The book talks about the band and their creations under anew angle. A quick look at their personal stories as individuals and as a band, their first steps around 14-15 years old, the circumstances (joys and hard times) that made them the way they are today, their spiritual quest, their path towards faith, with faith and its individual as well as public impacts, the influence of their convictions in making music and especially lyrics, but also the sides they took, their commitment to fighting the great injustices of today.

It’s also a study on the deep meaning of U2 lyrics, a way to rediscover their productions at a level of depth that tabloids and ’specialized’ magazines don’t give us the chance to reach.»

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Thank you both for participating ;-)

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