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U22 - estimated arrival date: early May

Sunday 6 May 2012, by Florian pour U2 France

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Author: Pauline

Translated by Florian

...At least we hope so! U2.com, which is definitely unbeatable when it comes to delay, has been making us languish for the past three months about the next album that will be sent to paying subscribers, U22 (read all the details about this album).

To the utter amazement of fans – and sometimes to their annoyance – no album has been shipped yet.

But just seven minutes after mocking U2.com, we received in our mailboxes a message from the official website telling us the album “should be ready in early May”. Would my gossiping have reached U2.com’s mysterious ways ? ;-)

Anyway, we now have a more or less accurate date of arrival for this long, awaited album in our letterboxes. Therefore, we look forward to receiving this next message which, of course, we will notify you of as soon as we get it.

Until then, to keep you waiting, you can listen to the four titles taken from U22 which were issued one at a time by U2.com (Even Better Than The Real Thing, One Tree Hill and the double track All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me). In order to get those tracks if you’re not a U2.com subscriber for the current year, a certain Facebook page will come in handy!

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