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Achtung baby, Adam is the proud father of a little boy

Sunday 16 January 2011, by Corinne/Dead pour U2 France

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U2 bassist finally finds what he’s looking for with French partner
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Adam Clayton has finally found what he’s looking for. The U2 bassist is a father. He had a child with a French woman early last year. For years, Adam was the only one in the world-famous band who wasn’t a parent.

"I think one of the great things about bands is that they allow you to be irresponsible for longer — whether or not in the end that’s a really healthy position to take," Adam told Q Magazine in 2001.

"I guess I’ve been lucky in that I fucked about until my mid-30s and now I can have more of a balanced outlook. I think not having a family and kids, I know what I need."

Obviously he changed his opinion last year when his French partner had a baby boy.

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