BBC : Violence Mars All Saints Party - U2 France

BBC : Violence Mars All Saints Party

mardi 16 mai 2000

Source : BBC

From BBC :

Violence Mars All Saints Party

Ten people were injured when fighting broke out at the launchparty for the new film featuring members of All Saints in Cannes.

Riot police were called after bottles and chairs were thrown atthe Palm Beach nightclub following the midnight screening ofthe film, Honest.

Eyewitnesses said there was panic when gangs rushed thesecurity guards, others said it was feared somebody hadfired a gun, although police said there was no evidence thatthis was true.

Ten people were injured, although it is believed Melanie Blattand Nicole and Natalie Appleton had already left the partywhen the trouble broke out.

A spokeswoman for the party organisers described theincident as minor.

She said : "There was a little bit of a fracas with local peopletrying to get in, but that’s all."

Before the screening, the producers had thrown a lavish partyto celebrate Natalie Appleton’s 27th birthday, which was on Sunday.

Funk legend Bootsy Collins performed on stage with U2 guitaristThe Edge and Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart, who producedthe crime film set in 1960s London.

Other celebrities at the party included model Jerry Hall, actorsIoan Grufford and Michael Madsen, and former Boomtown Ratsfrontman Bob Geldof.

Sex and drugs

Earlier in the day, Dave Stewart told how he had to removemusic from Jimi Hendrix’s album Electric Ladyland from anacid trip sequence in the film, because the Hendrix estatedid not approve of it being associated with drugs.

He said : "I’ve got a letter from Jimi Hendrix’s estate whichI’ve framed, saying, ’We don’t want Jimi’s music connectedwith sex or drugs’."

Although it has received lukewarm reviews, Honest hasattracted plenty of press attention in the UK for its sexscenes - many of which, Stewart said, were drawn fromhis own experiences.

He said of a scene involving US actor Peter Facinellistanding naked in the middle of Trafalgar Square : "I wasactually doing that in 1968, but I didn’t put in the filmthat I got arrested."

Melanie Blatt and the Appleton sisters insist the film isnot a vehicle for their group - songwriter Shaznay Lewiswas in the US during filming and was not involved in theproject.

But Nicole she said she had been encouraged by positivenotices in the industry papers Variety and HollywoodReporter.

When asked if she would like to pursue her film career, shesaid : "I’d love to. It was so nice to read that, I must say.Yeah, I’d love to do that.

"My priority is with the All Saints. We’ve got a lot comingup in the next couple of years, but if the time was right itwould be nice to do.

"It’s nice to be appreciated."

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