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Irish Mirror : At Home With The Stars

jeudi 11 juillet 2002

Source : Irish Mirror

From The Irish Mirror :

July 11, 2002


By Paul Martin

TODAY the Irish Daily Mirror lifts the lid on the secret lives of the stars in the first of our exclusive three-part series.

Over the coming days we’ll be showing which stars drive the flashiest cars, who has the best houses and where they like to party.

They make millions from their showbiz careers and live the high life which most people could only ever dream of.

We’re opening the doors to some of the most spectacular homes in Ireland where thestars take time out from their hectic lifestyles.

SHANE FILANTHE Westlife singer couldn’t bare to leave his home town of Sligo so he is building hisown three-storey mansion there.

It boasts a snooker room, study, library, bar and spiral staircase - and that’s just for starters.

Shane has also built stables for his 20 horses which can graze in the fields within thegrounds of the house.

A huge stone wall is being put up to keep some privacy from fans, although Shane insistedthat he doesn’t mind the attention.

The 23-year-old said : "I don’t want people coming up to my front door but if there’ssomebody outside the gates or something then I don’t mind signing an autograph.

"The house should be completed by Christmas and then I’m going to have a big housewarming party."

BONOU2’s frontman lives in a massive pounds 4.5million mansion on the outskirts of Dublin.

The house has eight bedrooms so there’s plenty of room for Bono, his wife Ali and theirfour children.

Bono lives in the lap of luxury and there’s even a personalised bar for entertaining guests in his home, but most impressively it has a swimming pool which cost the singerpounds 1.5million.

An insider said : "Bono has also spent a fortune on security and he doesn’t leave anything to chance.

"Fans are always coming up to the gates but they can’t get close.

"When he gets to spend time at home Bono just does ordinary things like sitting out in the garden and making dinner for the kids."

ROY KEANETHE Manchester United captain paid pounds 3million for this mock Tudor home in Cheshire.

There are six bedrooms and a tennis court at the mansion, around which there is very tightsecurity.

Gates can only be opened by a security code and guard dogs patrol the grounds at night.

Keane isn’t as boisterous at home as on the pitch. One neighbour said : "He is a lovely, quietchap. You wouldn’t even know he was there most of the time."

MICHAEL FLATLEYFEET of Flames star has hung up his dancing shoes and set up home in Fermoy, Co Cork.

He is spending D9million doing up his Castlehyde mansion and wants to move in by theend of the summer.

Flatley, 44, bought the house three years ago but faced opposition from local councillorswhen he proposed to renovate the mansion.

He said : "I just want to restore it to its former glory. It’s always been my dream to live in Ireland."

The star’s dreams almost went up in flames last year when a boiler room caught fire.

But thanks to a vigilant member of staff it was dealt with before spreading and Flatley’s dreamsof retiring in Castlehyde are still alight.

PAUL McGUINNESSTHE U2 manager has made millions from being the mastermind behind the greatest rock band on earth.

But when the touring is over this is the luxury mansion where he hides away from themadness and mayhem in Annamoe, Co Wicklow.

The tiny village, which doesn’t even have its own pub or supermarket, has now becomethe "in" spot for stars of stage and screen.

One insider said : "If you drive over the bridge on your way into the village and blink, you’llmiss it.

"All it consists of is a small newsagents and an antiques shop, along with a few houses."

Paul is famous for holding star-studded showbiz parties at the mansion.


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