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Irish World : Massive or swelled heads ?

mercredi 22 avril 1998

Source : Irish World

From The Irish World :

Massive or swelled heads ?

Next month sees a major tour of Britain and Ireland from the Massive Heads, familiar stars of TFI Friday.

The Massive Heads are a set of fibreglass caricatures of famous pop stars, large enough to be worn by a dancer. So far, U2, the Gallagher brothers, Elvis and Madonna have been immortalised by Irish performance art company Macnas, who makes the caricatures.

Boyzone are the next stars destined for the Massive Heads treatment. The Boyzone heads will make their debut at the launch of the band’s new album on 30 May.

The Massive Heads tour kicks off with three days at Heineken Green Energy festival at Dublin Castle, Ireland, from Saturday 1st May, before moving on to Sunderland University on the 6th, Derby University on the 7th, the University of Glamorgan on the 14th, and the Queen Margaret Union, Edinburgh on the 28th. The Heads appear at the Fleadh in London on the 10th July before finishing up at Trent University, Nottingham, on the 17th.

With the Robbie Williams head, unveiled in February on Channel Four’s TFI Friday, Macnas began a new policy of producing new heads on merit, rather than for a paid commission. The aim is to make the Massive Heads into the music industry’s answer to Madame Tussaud’s.

The first heads were created for the Galway football team, but the idea really took off in 1993, when U2 had heads of themselves made for the European leg of their Zoo TV tour.

The Heads appeared at 43 gigs on the tour. Arriving onstage just before the band, the heads caused huge confusion among the audience. Some in the media even speculated that it was the real band inside the heads.

More Massive Heads were created for the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest at The Point in Dublin. Three hundred million viewers around the world saw the original Massive Heads joined by those of Sinead O’Connor and Bob Geldof.

Yet more Massive heads were commissioned for the MTV European Music Awards in Paris in 1995. Among the new caricatures were Madonna, Mick Jagger, Elvis and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The massive heads joined up again with the real U2 to perform in their single The Sweetest Thing in the autumn of 1998. It was then that the heads were spotted by TFI Friday producers, Ginger TV.

The Massive Heads feature on the show every week, performing dance routines to cheesy songs either side of commercial breaks.

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