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St. Louis Post-Dispatch : U2 Pops Into U.S. Living Rooms

jeudi 24 avril 1997

Source : St. Louis Post-Dispatch

From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch :


The group U2 is set to emerge this month both on television and live venues.

On Saturday at 9 p.m., ABC-TV (Channel 8 here) airs "U2 : A Year In Pop," anhour-long special about the Irish band that will include performances as wellas behind-the-scenes looks at the group’s recording of their latest album, "Pop."

"We’ve never really had cameras in the studio during the recording process before this show," said longtime manager Paul McGuiness. "You’ll see videoshoots, music and production rehearsals and new interviews with the band.You’ll see four guys who’ve been together almost 20 years, interacting, andindeed, disagreeing."

U2 is in Las Vegas already, rehearsing and doing final touches for next week’s opening night of the Popmart tour.

According to Vegas police, reports of UFO sightings in the area have gone upand were finally traced back to the band’s 18 high-intensity spotlights that shootmore than two miles into the air.

The "Popmart’’ tour, which begins skipping around stadiums starting thisweekend in Las Vegas, is yet another huge undertaking for U2. (No St. Louisdates are set yet).

With a tour crew of 250 and 200 more hired at each site, "Popmart’’ costs$250,000 per day to keep operating. The stage set features a 150-by-50-footvideo screen, billed as the world’s largest. Speakers will be hidden within a100-foot-tall golden arch. Five thousand feet of disco-rope lights will be strung, and a 12-foot-wide illuminated stuffed olive will be perched at the end of agiant toothpick.

Some musicians have recoiled at the idea of being the biggest act in the world.Not the members of U2. They eagerly aspire to it.

"That’s always been the thrill of it, isn’t it ? Not to be the biggest but the best, totake it as far as it can go,’’ Bono said in an interview as he got ready for finalrehearsals. "That was part of the momentum of the Beatles and the Stones. Itwasn’t happy to stay in its little box.’’

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