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The Australian : U2 Sell Lemons But Find Profit Out of Their Reach

jeudi 19 février 1998

Source : The Australian

From The Australian :


19th February 1998

It must be an Irish joke.

It’s $150 to get in the door, another $25 for the program anda fiver for a pair of official U2 condoms, yet the four members ofDublin’s most famous rock band insist they’ll not make a cracker fromtheir Australian Tour.

"Charging these prices, we’re not making any money out of it,I can tell you that," pleaded lead singer Bono early yesterday morningafter the band’s Perth performance. "This is just to get all of thisshit down here. We’re not paid to play."

Admittedly West Australian fans paid a premium to see U2 in asmaller indoor venue, but the best tickets in Melbourne, Brisbane andSydney are well over $100, around the cost of a "cheap seat" atTuesday night’s concert.

Bono was furious when he discovered many of the plum seats atthe PopMart tour’s Australian premiere went to what he labelled the"chicken-in-a-basket" crowd.

"I found out somebody sold tickets in the front row for 300bucks, blocks of them, in a deal with the casino," he fumed. "Thatstinks." Manager Paul McGuiness admitted that since ticket prices were"pretty steep", he wasn’t expecting heavy sales of PopMartmerchandise.

He may have been pleasantly surprised.

One booth surveyed the The Australian had sold out ofofficial inflattible lemons ($15), sweatshirts ($65), posters ($15),keyrings ($15), fridge magnets ($10) and computer mousepads ($20)."Snow Globes" - small 1970’s kitsch plastic bubbles with snowflakesdescending on band members- had sold out at $20 each, nor were thereany condoms remaining on the shelf.

Clearly, love had come to town, albeit clothed in distinctivelemon latex.

Most of the 16,000 who paid their money and took their chancesappeared to enjoy the PopMart spectacle, featuring a mind-bogginglylarge television screen and a gigantic shining lemon, both prominentand undoubtedly costly parts of the aforementioned excrement Bonocomplained about.

One Irish family in the good seats seemed to sum up the night.Mum and her two adolescent daughters were having a wow of a timedancing, singing and screaming through the two hour extravaganza.

Dad spent most of the evening with earplugs in place bearingthe look of a man who had spent all his money on tickets, programs,T-shirts and "Snow Globes" ?and consequently couldn’t afford thecondoms.

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