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The Mirror : U Are 2 Generous - Birthday Treat for Flood

lundi 14 août 2000

Source : The Mirror

Thanks to Teresa Doherty for the following :

The Mirror (Ireland)August 14, 2000


By Ray Ryan

U2’s RECORD producer got an unusual birthday present -the band sent him a traditional Irish group and a Eurovisionstar to serenade him. Producer Flood, who has beenesponsible for U2’s finest works, turned 40 on Friday andcelebrated with a trendy party in London. And to getthings going with a swing, U2 sent three members of tradgroup Shaskeen and Eurovision singer Marc Roberts to sing40 Shades of Green to him.

The four were flown from Shannon to London and thenferried by limo to the Soho party where they sprung thesurprise. Flood was in the company of leading musicbusiness insiders when the door opened and Shaskeen andRoberts came in and announced themselves, saying "Happybirthday" and "This is your gift from U2".

The party was attended by pop stars including Dave Stewart,Annie Lennox, Bananarama’s Siobhan Fahey and VinceClarke of Erasure.

A spokesman for U2 said : "Although they were only meantto sing one song and then be flown back, Flood told thestunned partygoers that they just had to hear an Irish tradsession. Most of them never had, so he said this would be arare chance to get one in London. So he asked Shaskeenand Marc to stay on and hold a session so they belted outover an hour of the best of Irish. Then they flew home."

The surprise was arranged by corporate event companyAlternative Events. They got a call from U2 asking them fora good trad group and a good male singer for the surprise.The arrangements were put into place and the four lads wereflown out from Shannon on Friday and came back in theearly hours of Saturday morning.

They wanted to sing 40 Shades of Green because Floodwas turning 40. The spokesman said : "He was genuinelytouched and amused by the gift, which brought the housedown. At the end of the evening the place was rockingback and forth to Irish airs. And there wasn’t a drum machineto be heard."

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