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Variety : Dave Stewart Plans Interactive Rock TV

jeudi 14 septembre 2000

Source : Variety

From Variety :

Dave Stewart Plans Interactive Rock TVBy Erich Boehm

LONDON (Variety) - Musician Dave Stewart is planning tocreate interactive TV channels themed on classic pop actslike the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Bob Marley.

Stewart, best known as half of the Eurythmics, told DailyVariety that he had discussed the plan with Paul McCartney,Mick Jagger, Elton John, Bono, Lou Reed, Annie Lennoxand others.

Stewart stressed that the notion is still in its infancy, but theidea is to produce a subscription bouquet of a dozen cableand online services controlled by the artists themselves.

"I’m saying, ’How would you like to create your own channel,create an archive for your own work ?’" Stewart said, at anew-media seminar hosted by the British record industryorganisation BPI.

Stewart likened the advent of broadband to the early daysof rock ’n’ roll, when musicians typically got raw deals becausethey had little understanding of the business.

"It’s up to the artists to take control of what’s going on now,"he said.

Stewart is partnered with Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft,in the Hospital Group, which will back the channels.

Allen is the company’s money man, Stewart the creativedirector. Veteran music industry exec John Preston isHospital’s chief executive.

Preston said Stewart was well placed within theentertainment community to gain the support of some ofthe music industry’s biggest acts.

Hospital is in the process of building a state-of-the-artmultimedia centre in Covent Garden, London.

The complex, called the Hospital, is skedded to open inJune 2002. Along with the necessary broadband TVstudio, it will include post-production and recording facilities,a restaurant and a members’ club.

Stewart’s first foray into the TV biz is the lifestyle channelInnergy, a co-venture with pan- European cabler UPCthat launched in the summer.

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