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Wisconsin State Journal : Part 1 - Pop Shop

mardi 24 juin 1997

Source : Wisconsin State Journal

From The Wisconsin State Journal :


Natasha Kassulke, Wisconsin State Journal

Attention PopMart Shoppers.

A blue light special at Camp Randall Stadium this week can only mean one thing — the Irish rock band U2 is en route.

And the blue lights will be blue laser beams filling the night as the band plays the song ’’Bullet the Blue Sky’’ midway through its 22-song set.

U2 brings its PopMart tour to Camp Randall Stadium at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

These are the guys who announced their world tour from the lingerie section of a Greenwich Village K mart store. U2 has come a long way since, as Dublin teen-agers in 1978, singer Paul David Hewson (who later changed his name to Bono) responded to drummer Larry Mullen’s note on a message board looking for band mates.

Bono and Clayton were joined by guitarist David Evans (The Edge) and bassist Adam Clayton. And U2 was born.

Since then, no one has left or been added. Bono is now 37, The Edge is 35, Clayton is 37, and Mullen is 35.

The band remains based in Dublin, where members grew up as staunch Christians with the idea that they could shake up the world with lyrics that ranged from thoughts on spiritual crisis to romance, the mysteries of childhood and politics.

U2’s debut album, ’’Boy,’’ was released in 1980 and has sold 2.5 million copies. At that time, U2 was touring small clubs, including a stop in 1981 at Merlyn’s, a former Madison night club on State Street.

Since then, U2 has won five MTV awards, numerous Grammy Awards andboasts worldwide record sales in excess of 70 million.

This summer, U2 is making the summer stadium tour snap, crackle and pop with two-hour-plus shows that include songs from the band’s new album ’’Pop.’’

The PopMart stage at Camp Randall is nearly complete. Just one major pieceof the puzzle is missing — the band.

Bruce Gerth, a spokesman for Milwaukee-based Cellar Door, one of the Madison show’s promoters, says the band is not expected to arrive in Madison until Wednesday.

About 20,000 tickets remain for Wednesday’s show.

The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra also opens its 1997 Concerts on the Square season Wednesday night on the Capitol Square, adding more congestion to the Downtown parking situation.

Concerts on the Square begins at 7 p.m. and should end almost in time to allow someone to make U2’s set at 8:45 p.m.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals opens for U2 at 7:30 p.m. The New York group mixes hip-hop with funk, rock, blues and jazz.

PopMart is the sixth stadium rock concert at Camp Randall since Pink Floyd unleashed its giant inflatable pig there in 1988.

And PopMart is the first Camp Randall Stadium rock concert since the Rolling Stones turned Camp Randall into a Voodoo Lounge in 1994.

In Madison, U2 ticket sales are deja vu of the smaller-than-expected crowd that attended the Rolling Stones show at Camp Randall in 1994.

The Stones drew 51,201 people, thousands short of a sellout, but the concertgrossed $2.4 million in ticket sales, a Camp Randall record.

Gerth says he expects U2 to sell about 40,000 seats for its Camp Randall show Wednesday.

U2’s concert will contribute to the UW-Madison Athletic Department’s coffers.

’’We rent the building for $ 80,000 for the week that they are at Camp Randall and we have a $2 per ticket facility charge,’’ says Scott Jenkins, former director of facility events for Camp Randall and new general manager of the Kohl Center.

Jenkins says concession sales by the National W Club, a booster organization, depends on the size of the crowd and the weather.

’’We usually sell about $1 to $1.25 per person,’’ Jenkins says. ’’So we could make $50,000 to $70,000 from concessions.’’

Jenkins says the usual Camp Randall rules will apply during the concert, which means security guards will restrict what is allowed into the stadium.

’’We don’t like people to be throwing things in the stadium,’’ Jenkins says. ’’I imagine an occasional beach ball will pop up though, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a lemon or two floating through the crowd.’’

U2 sells inflatable lemons at its merchandise stands for $15.

Jenkins says the university will honor a standing agreement with neighbors thatthere will be an 11:30 curfew on the concert and that there will be no more than two major concerts at Camp Randall a year.

’’I think we have a very good relationship with the neighbors and we’ve addressedtheir concerns,’’ Jenkins says. ’’The last few shows have been real successful and I believe that this show will be just as successful.’’

Police officers will be walking through the neighborhood to monitor the crowds.

And Jenkins says the local promoter, Cellar Door, also has hired security to monitor to crowd.

Cellar Door also was involved in the last U2 concert at Camp Randall in 1992.

U2 performed in Madison in 1992 and Gerth says sold out more than 62,000 tickets for its Camp Randall Zoo TV tour stop in two days.

The Zoo TV tour earned $67 million and ranks 6th on the Pollstar top tengrossing tours.

’’But we recently passed the 2 million mark in ticket sales for PopMart,’’ says Susan Rosenberg, marketing director for STEP Entertainment services, the company promoting the PopMart tour worldwide.

That works out to ticket receipts of more than $90 million.


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