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Belfast News Letter : Awards Night Back to Belfast

vendredi 12 décembre 1997

Source : Belfast News Letter

From The Belfast News Letter :


Ireland’s biggest showbiz night is heading to Belfast - and the stars are already booking theirplaces at the glitziest showbiz bash in town.

In a huge boost to the local music scene, the Heineken Hot Press Rock Awards will be staged for the second year running at BBC’s Blackstaff studios.

I can reveal that huge name stars including Oasis, Radiohead, U2 and Sinead O’Connor arebeing tipped to make appearances and a number of epic battles are already being lined up forawards. Oasis will square up to Radiohead in the fight for the best overseas live performanceaward after impressive performances on these shores this year.

Radiohead stunned many local fans when they agreed to play a secret gig at Queen’s University earlier this year, performing to a small crowd of only 1,000 when they could easily have packed out the King’s Hall.

Hot on their tails are Oasis, who played to a sell out Point Theatre in Dublin just two week’s ago.

On the pop music front, Boyzone and The Corrs will be squaring up for the best Irish pop grouphonour. Both have netted superb album sales across the world over the past year.

I’m tipping Boyzone to pocket the honour after a sell-out world tour and huge album sales with A Different Beat, but strong competition in the Corrs’ latest collection, Talk On Corners, will ensure a tight battle.

"If we can win the best Irish band award it would be a major honour for us," said Boyzoneheartthrob Steven Gately. "These are definitely the big ones."

The Corrs’ lead singer, Angela, was equally enthusiastic : "We don’t see Boyzone as rivals at allbut it’s great to be associated with so many big names."

After three years in the wilderness, Sinead O’Connor has re-emerged as a major female voice inIrish music again. She’ll be up for the best female Irish singer award.

"It’s going to be a sensational night," said show host Mike Edgar. "Last year’s staging of the eventwas amazing and this year it will be even better. It’s a great tribute to the ever improving musicscene here."

Edgar, who will be joined by the gorgeous Ulrika Johnson in hosting the awards, reflected on anextraordinary year for Ulster music : "We had U2’s massive Pop Mart tour in Botanic and Radiohead playing at Queen’s. There is hardly a big name artist or ban d around at the minute who doesn’twant to play in Belfast."

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