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Daily Record : Reborn in the USA

jeudi 23 janvier 1997

Source : Daily Record

From The Daily Record :

REBORN IN THE USAU2 have techno with their new record Discotheque

By John Dingwall

Rock superstars U2 are leading a dance attack on the US.

The Irish rockers have gone techno with their latest single, Discotheque, released on February 3.

Pop, their first album in almost four years, is released in March.

And the band hope it will spearhead the latest European invasion of the US pop charts.

Discotheque is already the most played single on American radio stations after U2’s management flew over advance copies. The Yanks can’t get enough of its ambient dance sound which echoes British dance acts suchas Leftfield, Massive Attack and Underworld.

All are huge on this side of the Atlantic but the Americans have been slowto catch on to this latest sound, although the Prodigy are beginning to make their breakthrough, thanks to constant plays on MTV.

But U2 bassist Adam Clayton said the band’s change in direction was inevitable.

It’s a direction all four - Clayton, Bono, the Edge and Larry Mullen - wereequally enthusiastic about, after the year- long break following the 1992-93 Zooropa tour.

Clayton said : "We needed that break to get away from each other for a while and explore music without worrying about what U2 should be doing.

"I went to New York and spent some time studying music, getting to know more about the technical side of the bass.

"At the end of that period, we started to realise we were actually all listeningto the same music.

"You could sense we were going to incorporate some of it into our ownmusic."

Going into the studio to record the album, U2 decided, for the first time ina decade, not to use Brian Eno as producer.

Instead, they turned to Flood, the Brit who co- produced Zooropa, and Howie B, the Glasgow DJ and producer regarded as one of the top dance producers in the world.

THE result is Pop, which mixes rock with ambient dance and electronicsounds.

The Edge dismissed any suggestion that the musical shift is simply their attempt to stay in touch with the changing musical scene.

He said : "The changes aren’t some strategy. They come out of being interested and inspired by what other people are doing.

"You start to take on different aesthetics, something you haven’t tried, tosee where you can take it.

"That’s how you learn and how you grow."

U2 will embark on another lengthy tour to support the album, although the band still haven’t decided on the sort of venue they should play.

Bono said : "It’s important to keep your options open in everything that you do.

"You don’t learn by drawing a line and saying these are the limits of rock ’n’ roll, or this is the size of the buildings you should play.

"Success is one thing in pop music, but staying relevant is a bigger challenge."

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