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From the French record company, about the tour

jeudi 13 janvier 2005 / par Corine/Dead

Source : Universal Musique France

Author : Corinne / Dead

The news are not great for Edge and his family. All we can do at the moment is again wishing him the best and the same to his close friends, that is what we the U2France team wish to do in respect to him and to his family. We do hop things will get better pretty soon even if we do know deep in our heart that this is only a wish but we also happen to know the power of wishes right ? We want him to know that we respect his pain and his suffering and that we do not want to interfere in any way in this tragic crisis.

As we already said before we do not want to communicate on this subject and we would only translate what is written by the official website, we do not want to make publicity on the pain and the suffering of a family like most of the British tabloids do, this is not a human behaviour and we do hope you do understand that.

This being said, these are the official news we got from U2’sFrench record company : Universal Music France.

- The tour which was supposed to begin by the States is delayed, and we do not have further precision which means no date or place or anything like that. The company said delayed but didn’t said cancelled. Wait till further notice.

- U2 will not do the NRJ Music Awards, actually only two of the members Bono and Larry are going to the trophies.
- U2 will not do the Brit Awards coming February as it was first announced.

We hope you do understand we have given you all the details we possibly could publish and ask you to respect the intimacy of each member of the Irish Rock band U2.

Please, let’s keep in our heart and prayers any of them. Let’s show them our support, our unconditional love and respect by again not interfering in their personal life. Thanks to all of you for your understanding.

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