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La Stampa : U2 start from new Bono’s love

samedi 24 mars 2001

Source : La Stampa

Thanks to Germana for the following :

U2 start from new Bono’s love

Outside and inside the Miami Arena there’s a cold wind, yesterday night we catched a fan syntonized on the Bono’s radiomic, whose was having rehearsals with u2 surrounded by 11.000 empty chairs.Ordinary madness when you talk about the irish band, that tomorrow evening will open the new "Elevation Tour" in The National Car Rental center, in Fort Lauderdale, next to Miami.

It’s the same place chosen by Andrea Boccelli to start his american tour, and for that reason u2 have been forced to have rehearsal there.

Today their stage (a big wall composed by tv and a double heart) will be ready for the show. The expected audience is formed by 15.000 fans (a lot of italians), some tickets are still available before the event, maybe a little crisis like Pop ?

For the first time the show is surrounded by a love gossip about Bono, amplified from Internet fans sites, the singer is expecting the fourth child from his wife ; in the meantime he could have a love affair with Andrea Corrs (the beautiful singer of the Corrs).

Casually, or not, The Corrs will support u2 for the first 4 dates, removing at the last minute the less charming Pj Harvey.

All that you can’t leave behind, the last u2 album is far from the tecno influences of Pop, the Miami’s setlist is composed from classical pieces like One, sunday Bloody Sunday and Where the streets have no name. The tour will be in indoor venues, but not in Italy, the only outdoor date. (presale from mid april)

For the year 2002 is scheduled the Best of 1990-2000, followeb by a tour in outdoor venues. The 9th of May in Cannes will be presented "Moulin rouge" a movie played by Nicole Kidman which will host in the soundtrack 2 new u2 songs.

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