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MSNBC : At the Oscars, a tuneful war protest

mercredi 26 mars 2003 / par Dom

Anti-war agitator Bono didn’t speak out against fighting in Iraq during the Oscars - but sharp-eared sources realize that he sung his protest.

by Ashley Pearson

Source : MSNBC

WHILE PERFORMING their nominated song, "The Hands That Built America," U2 slipped in a final verse that isn’t in the standard version. The additional words are clearly a subtle reference to the war.

Bono sang : "Late in the spring,/Yellow cloud on
a desert skyline./Some father’s son/Is it his, or is it mine ?"

More ’Swept Away’ ?

The release of a "Director’s Cut" of Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s "Swept Away" has been met with hoots of derision in some quarters.

The director’s cut has nude scenes that were stripped from the version shown in theatrical release. DVD buyers "get to see Madonna romping on a beach with her naked male co-star Adriano Giannini, and in another shot she has her legs wide open while lying on the floor," notes one source. "These sexy scenes were not included in the original version of the movie but adding them to the DVD will, [Madonna and Guy] hope, grab the attention of the home movie market."

"Additional scenes ? In the case of ’Swept Away,’ I’d think less is more," chuckles Razzie Awards founder John Wilson, who recently dubbed the flick the worst of the year. He told the Scoop : "I’m assuming that the director’s commentary was a constant mea culpa."

Notes from all over

The first phone call Nicole Kidman got after receiving her Oscar was from ex-hubby Tom Cruise, congratulating her while she was dining at the Governor’s Ball, the official Academy Awards party. "He was on speakerphone with fellow cast members as he told Nicole : ’Congratulations on your amazing achievement. You are wonderful in this film and fully deserve the award. Have a fantastic evening,’ " reports the London Sun. Skeptics are wondering if the ever-shrewd Cruise called when he knew potentates in Hollywood would be within earshot - and would spread the word that Tom is such a swell guy. . . .

"The Hours" screen writer David Hare thinks the anti-war sentiment in the U.S. is greater than has been reported in the U.K. "Even those who support Bush in his aims are appalled by his methods," Hare wrote in an article in the London Daily Telegraph entitled "Perhaps Hollywood is saying what Washington can’t." . . . . . Julia Roberts threw a "tantrum" backstage at the Oscars, according to the London Mirror. "The actress told stunned organizers that she didn’t want to recite her presentation speech and would ’rather just announce the nominees,’ " according to the paper, which reports that Meryl Streep and Colin Farrell, who were sharing a cigarette nearby, "looked on in disbelief as the show’s organizers eventually calmed the star down and convinced her to accept minor changes to the script."Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop appears Monday through Thursday in MSNBC Living.

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