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MTV : Bono Talks ’Million Dollar’ Film, Album

mercredi 15 mars 2000

Source : MTV

From MTV :

Bono Talks ’Million Dollar’ Film, Album

Although U2’s new studio album isn’t due out until later this year, the bandreturned to record stores this week with the release of the soundtrack to"The Million Dollar Hotel," the new film based on a script co-penned byBono.

"The Million Dollar Hotel," directed by Wim Wenders and starring JeremyDavies, Mel Gibson, Milla Jovovich, and Tim Roth, won a Silver Bear awardat last month’s Berlin International Film Festival.

The soundtrack album features two new tracks from U2, including "TheGround Beneath Her Feet," as well as three songs from Bono and TheMillion Dollar Hotel Band, whose members include Bono and longtime U2associates Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.

In a recent interview, Bono talked about how the one-off group cametogether to quickly compose an album’s worth of music while continuingto work on U2’s as-yet-untitled new studio record.

"We played scenes [from the film] back," Bono said. "We had these giant [TVs]that we put around the studio, and we’d watch and play live. The orchestra wasmade up of these great players Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Bill Frisell, GregCohen, and this incredible drummer called Brian Blades. For me, this was wild.I’d get pumped faster standing in this room with all these musicians, and it wasgreat, actually.

"[U2 members] Larry [Mullen Jr.] and Adam [Clayton] came down andbeefed up [the songs] occasionally," Bono added, "because they can’trock, these players. Jazz people, they don’t know at what point it was beinga really heavy thing. They don’t know how to do that, you know, but theywere really pleased with the soundtrack and so am I."

The singer-songwriter said he has already begun another screenplay,but that his primary focus for the next six months will be finishing U2’slong-awaited follow-up to its 1997 record, "Pop."

"I’ve got another story started," Bono said. "It’s called ’Show Band,’ but rightnow I just want to be in a band. I just want to make music and I want to bein the best band. I [still] like my day job."

During an online chat with Yahoo ! over the weekend (which was alsoconducted on the same day as U2 bassist Adam Clayton’s 40th birthday),Bono, guitarist The Edge, and Daniel Lanois all discussed the progress ofthe new album.

"I’m very, very excited about the work," Edge said in the chat. "I think it’s someof the best things we’ve done in many, many years. And I’m just dying tofinish the record and get it out there."

Bono was also openly proud of the LP, although he hinted that the forthcomingrecord’s long genesis might have been caused, in part, by a slight touchof writer’s block.

"Our problem is that we love starting things, but we hate finishing them," Bonosaid during the Yahoo ! chat. "We have 15 of the best U2 songs ever written. Butwe get bored with the technical side of things, like finishing the lyrics. But in thenext two months, we’ve committed to choosing the best ten or twelve songs andto have them out by September-October of this year."

Bono still has a bit of promotional work left to do for "The Million DollarHotel" album and film, as the movie has already been released inGermany, Austria, and France, but has yet to secure a definite releasedate in the U.S.

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