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Newsweek : Rock ’n’ Roll Rushdie

mercredi 14 avril 1999

Source : Newsweek

Thanks to Dara for the following excerpt from Newsweek :

Rock ’n’ Roll Rushdie : The writer turns his gaze on celerity- his own,as well as others’by Carla Power

(intro about Rushdie’s previous works) But Rushdie’s not ordinary, even for a world-class novelist. JohnUpdike doesn’t hang out with David Byrne. Philip Roth doesn’t get bitsof his fictions recorded by U2. But then the 51-year-old Rushdie is anew breed of literary lion...Fittingly, his new book, The Ground BeneathHer Feet (592 pages, Henry Holt. $26), out this week, is a story offame and rock and roll..."The Ground Beneath Her Feet" tackles the greatmodern polytheistic faith : celebrity culture. In this love storyinspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Ormus Camus- amusician so supernaturally gifted that he channels classic western tunesbefore they’re even written- loves Indian-American Vina Apsara, ademigoddess with a platinum voice and an epic sexuality. The loversform a double act "more Righteous than the Righteous Brothers, Everlierthan the Everlys, Supremer than the Supremes." (review of book characters, generally very favorable) Thinly veiledversions of Elvis, Versace, Bowie, and Sid Vicious flit by. Larry Kingis there, as is the Dead Diana phenomenon. Rock lyrics run wild-Rushdie has fun riffing on everybody from Presley to Byrne. " ’Foryears I thought Hendrix was a faggot,’ says Vina. ’You know, ’scuse mewhile I kiss this guy’." But you forgive Rushdie’s showy puns andtricksy history, for the book’s mythic scope, epic stretch and hugeintelligence. ...His great challenge now, he insists, is convincing people thathe’s leading a pretty normal life. Which he’s not, of course. For Rushdie is now a megastar- a greatchronicler of the global village. For all the inspiration the booktakes from Greek and Hindu mythology, for all its bows to Nabakov andE.M. Forster and its gorgeous ponderings on gods and art, "The GroundBeneath Her Feet" is a book about the way we live now. It’s by someonewho’s been watching the earth very closely- but from a distance.

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