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NY Daily News : U2 Looks Like a ’Million’ on New LP

dimanche 19 mars 2000

Source : NY Daily News

Condensed from the NY Daily News :

U2 Looks Like a ’Million’ on New LPReview by JIM FARBER

U2 does a far better job with its latest reach. "Million Dollar Hotel" isn’t a bandalbum proper (that will arrive in the fall). It’s a soundtrack to the movie of the samename directed by Wim Wenders, based on a story by Bono. However the actualflick turns out, the corresponding album brings something new and worthy out ofBono, the band, and longtime collaborator/producer Daniel Lanois (who guests onmost tracks).

It doesn’t really sound like a U2 LP. It’s more like a Lanois solo work, mining hisdusty production style, spindly instrumentation and slow, quavering tunes. It’s anarid dream piece, marked by silken tunes and warm instrumentation. In the U2song "Stateless," pings of bass, keyboard and guitars create an aural equivalent of apointillist painting. In "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" (with words by SalmonRushdie !), the keyboard communicates the mellow timbre of a lullaby.

Other songs recall the early ballads of The Velvet Underground — hushed,decadent and dimly lit. To stress the point, the album features a cover of LouReed’s "Satellite Of Love," sung by Milla Jovovich. As a connective, a clutch ofinstrumental tracks center on the trumpet work of Jon Hassell, who apes the wanand breathy style of Chet Baker.

Such atmospheric tracks help the album coalesce into a mood piece so compelling itbuilds anticipation for the next U2 project at a point when the world had lostinterest. Whaddya know ! There’s yet life in the old dogs.

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