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The Mirror : Pen-Pushers Are Off Their Rockers

mardi 15 avril 1997

Source : The Mirror

From The Mirror :


The decision by Dublin Corporation to act as co-promoter of U2’ s gig in Phoenix Park this summer was certainly a welcome one.

But today’s news that any other concerts to be staged in the famous park must go through the long-winded planning process is most unfair. While U2 are great ambassadors for thecountry it is outrageous that there can be one law for them and one for everybody else.

Local promoter Denis Desmond had hoped to stage a similar event with British supergroup Oasis next year, also with the help of the corporation.

But he was told yesterday in no uncertain terms that he would have to go through the usual lengthy channels to try to stage it.

He was also told the U2 concert this August was a "special event".

A level playing pitch must be established before all prospective rock and roll events heresuffer because of the blatant discrimination displayed by this controversial ruling.

Football matches, race meetings and other large sporting events need not apply for planning permission.

But rock and pop events are being targeted by faceless bureaucrats who want to act as some sort of moral guardians for the young.

Just ask the long- suffering residents near many of our top sporting grounds how many football fans misbehave.

It soon becomes clear that a small minority of pop fans are not the only ones who sometimescause trouble at large gatherings.

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