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vendredi 11 février 2000

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Every year Ireland’s biggest chat show hosts its annual Fashion Awards showin Aid of Charity. But this year was the biggest ever as it became a cross betweena chat show come MTV Awards come fashion show. There were gazillions ofcelebrities there.

Anyway to end with the boring bit, all profits from the show go to threeIrish charities. The charities are The Chernobal Nuclear Disaster (AliHewson is heavily involved in this charity and was there tonight), The MarieKeating Cancer Research (Marie Keating is the mother of Ronan Keatingwho died of cancer last year), and the third charity is the ISPCC (an Irishchild abuse charity).

So anyway all the supermodels were there : Christy Turlington, Kate Moss,Naomi Campbell , Yasmin Le Bon, Jerry Hall, Elizibeth Jagger (Mick was in the audience to see his daughter on the catwalk). Appartently EvaBosnia / Hertzingovnia couldn’t make it to the show.

The show was held in The Point (Bono New Year’s Eve 1989 - We need togo away and dream it up again) with 7 thousand people in the audience.

Now for the Celebs At the ShowBono (of course, back from Berlin wearing his bizarre blue glasses andsitting in the front row), The Edge (wearing his cat burglar cap and sitting in the second row behind The Corrs) and Morleigh, Larry Mullen,Mick Jagger, Ronny Wood, Chris Evans, Mick Hucknell , Eddie Jordan (racingmogul) Damon Hill (racing driver who used to live next door to Bono), NatalieInbrulia (Torn), Jason Priestly (Beverly Hills 90210), Delores O’Riordan(Cranberries) and Dave Fanning.

To anyone interested in the clothesMost Irish designers were showing off their clothes. You might of heard ofDublin designer John Rocha. Giovanni Versace was there too.

The MusicGabrielle performed her current number one song.

Now for The FunRight in the middle of the show, they had a fun section, where male celebritiesreplaced the supermodels and generally made fools of themselves on the catwalk.First up on the catwalk was Gavin Friday, who amazingly seemed to controlhimself and not to over the top with his performance.

Next up was Guggi. Oh boy, this was truly bizarre. He didn’t walk down thecatwalk ; he drove down in on his scooter.

Chris Evans strolled down the catwalk wearing a Scotmans kilt, an overcoat and smoking a cigeratte to top it off.

Simon Le Bon strutted his stuff.

Keith Duffy (member of Boyzone) walked on wearing a dress. As he reached the end of the catwalk, he took off his dress to reveal a bathing suit.

AND FINALLY THE U2 SEX SLAVELarry Mullen walked up and down the catwalk. When he cameon he had his blonde hair jelled back and was wearing a revealing waistcoat.Then he took off his waistcoat and was now naked from the waist up. Then hejumped off the catwalk and into the audience and walked to the back of the stage.

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